About OregonHospitalGuide.org

OregonHospitalGuide.org is the product of a desire to make health care information available to Oregonians. Better information enables smarter choices when making decisions about hospitals. OregonHospitalGuide.org allows you to search for and find data on health care in Oregon hospitals, such as patient experience, hospital financial and utilization data, and procedure cost estimates.

Most quality measures on OregonHospitalGuide.org are updated quarterly or as new information becomes available. Price as well as financial and utilization data is updated annually.

Who Manages OregonHospitalGuide.org?

OregonHospitalGuide.org is managed by the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems and its data and analytics subsidiary, Apprise Health Insights. OAHHS is a statewide, not-for-profit trade association that works closely with local and national government leaders, business and citizen coalitions, and other health care organizations to enhance and promote community health and to continue improving Oregon’s innovative health care community. Apprise Health Insights empowers healthcare leaders to improve performance and drive organizational success.

Contact Us

To contact us directly, email info@oahhs.org.