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Cost Estimates

Cost estimates for medical procedures are complex, but Oregon hospitals are committed to helping you through the process. Search for Oregon hospitals on this website to find the contact information to get a cost estimate from any facility. 

If you have insurance:

Your insurer is your best source of information on your costs. Please visit What'sMyCost.org to learn more and connect with your insurer. 

For those seeking information on a procedure from a hospital

A hospital will give you information which represents its best efforts to provide you with an accurate estimate of your out-of-pocket costs, based on what they know about your current insurance benefits and the expected services. 

Cost estimates provided by the hospital are not a guarantee of what you will be charged. However, the estimate may give you a sense of what the hospital portion of your bill may be, and may give you tips on how to find more information on the cost of other services that may be necessary. 

Please be aware that there are many variables that can affect your final out-of-pocket costs, including issues like the length of time spent in surgery or recovery, specific equipment used, supplies and medications needed, additional tests required by your physician, any special care or unexpected conditions or complications that may arise. 

The pricing information provided is based on approximate prices. Any potential patient should understand that a final bill for services provided may be different from the information provided by cost estimate.

If you have insurance, there may be services included in this estimate that your insurance deems out-of-network, so additional costs to you may be incurred. Again, for information on out-of-network coverage, please contact your insurer. 

When you contact a hospital for estimate, you likely will be asked if you have a CPT code. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and is used to document and report health care services and procedures. This code is an important piece of information for your estimate because it provides the hospital with details of the service or procedure, which could impact your estimate. For example, if you are having a hip replacement, there are different CPT codes to use depending on whether it is a total or partial hip replacement or if the procedure will be done as an inpatient or outpatient procedure.

For more information on CPT codes, along with a list of common procedures, please click here. If you do not know the CPT code for the service or procedure for which you would like an estimate, you can ask your physician for the appropriate codes.

Financial assistance 

Financial assistance for those who qualify is also available through various programs. Search for your local Oregon hospital for more information. 

Oregon hospitals are committed to working with Oregonians to ensure that they have the best and most accurate information before any procedure. Cost estimates are one way that they strive to help their patients and serve the people of our state.

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